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135 Napoli Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

Napoli was founded in 1926 and the club’s most succesful stint was when Diego Armando Maradona played for them in the late 80’s. The club has recently found success again, having qualified for the champions league 2011/2012.

99 We Support Napoli Top Coro Del Napoli Soittoluettelo
121 It's Called Napoli Amazing Napoli Football Song Soittoluettelo
150 Gain the Victory Napoli fans are real screamers... Soittoluettelo
221 The Game As If You Were There, top fanchant Soittoluettelo
829 I Love Napoli with All My Soul All my mind too Soittoluettelo
993 I Saw Maradona The Legend Of Naples Soittoluettelo
1015 Napoli Give It Some Napoli North Tier Soittoluettelo
1031 The Colour of My Heart Amazing Napoli Football Song Soittoluettelo
1068 White and Blue Ole Napoli North Tier Soittoluettelo
1219 Partenopei Napoli North Tier Soittoluettelo
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1280 You Must Win! Napoli North Tier Soittoluettelo
1376 In My Life There Are Only Two Colours Classic chant Soittoluettelo
1452 Ole Diego For Diego, the great Soittoluettelo
1768 Crazy for You Amazing Napoli Football Song. Original tune "Io ho in mente te" Equipe 84 Soittoluettelo
3618 Ultras on the Road The Ideals Of The Neapolitan's Ultras! Soittoluettelo
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